Charlotte Murray

Position: Head of C-Suite & Functions

Charlotte attended the University of Victoria and achieved a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology, a Diploma from Camosun in Biochemistry and also attending studies at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt in Sustainability and Environmental Management.


Charlotte is based in London and joined Falcon Brook Search in 2020 to lead the recruitment across middle and back office to compliment front office hiring teams. Our team are experts in Finance, Risk & Middle Office, Legal & Compliance, Human Resources, Compensation & Benefits, and Operations.


Charlotte has been focused on the energy and commodity trading space working closely with clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the America’s.


She’s passionate about consulting and recruiting with her clients globally to serve each of their offices and partner to understand needs and growth strategy.


In 2020, she joined the Future Female Leadership program for recruiters who are passionate about promoting gender balance across all levels and helping female talent take then next step in their development. For Falcon Brook, diversity is a strategic and commercial move, not a box to tick.