Sara Tullis

Position: Senior Consultant, LNG

Sara comes from the energy industry spending 10 years working in both upstream and downstream roles in UK and Europe for the likes of Chevron, Statoil and Statkraft.  She started out on the road to recruitment in 2006 after returning to London with her family, including a toddler, and after spending a year trying to find a flexible role was given a chance to try something new.  Very soon it became apparent that recruitment was an area which was not only great fun but with her previous contacts, experience and understanding Sara was able to really make a difference to people’s careers.


Sara has been focusing on LNG for the last 6 years and have been involved in many of the major global moves in the market, she has built teams, RWE and Jera to name a couple, and has become an expert in several geographical regions like Brazil and Spain.   Although LNG is a very large focus for Sara, she has also been involved in hiring power and gas originators and traders in Germany and Eastern European countries.  Sara has a very strong and impressive network over many commodities attending conferences all over Europe.


Sara’s strength is her relationships and no matter how challenging a role may be always finding that unicorn!