Jason Mellors

Position: Investments, ESG & Climate Transition

Jason joined Falcon Brook in September 2020, having been in the search and recruitment industry since 2002. As Head of Investments, ESG & Climate Transition, Jason is responsible for oversight, origination, and execution of search projects across Investments (public & private), ESG (investment & corporate) and Climate Transition (carbon & GHG)

In the past 16 years Jason has focused on cross asset investment searches across both public and private markets working with global leading institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds.

Jason’s ESG / Sustainability track record goes back to 2010. Since joining Falcon Brook, he has worked extensively with clients across the energy complex, identifying talent to help accelerate their Climate Transition plans and achieve their Net Zero goals.

A retired rugby sportsman, he now fills his spare time cycling, swimming, and running a parental taxi service for his two children.