ESG & Sustainability

Falcon Brook understands the changes taking place in the energy industry and the push for net zero emissions.

And the only way to manage these shifts and succeed is by having the right leaders in place. As the global energy landscape continues to transform, having the right leaders in place to drive change and meet the growing challenges and opportunities in this sector is critical.

We partner people and organisations to help them achieve their environmental and social ambitions. Our consultants are experts at helping organisations navigate the energy transition by building renewable and clean energy project teams to achieve net zero goals. Our vast network in this area allows us to source the various skills required across any renewable energy organisations.

Roles we cover

ESG Analyst, Sector Focus

ESG Investment Analyst, Geography Focus

Head of ESG

Head of Stewardship / Engagement

Engagement Analyst

Head of Governance

Governance Analyst

Head of Climate Change

Climate Change Analyst

Head of Carbon

Technical Carbon Analyst

Nature Based Solutions