About Us

Falcon Brook is proud to be different. Not only for its values but for its own diversity and inclusion initiatives. It is the only female led, 80% diverse executive search firm in the market.

Our Mission

  • Falcon Brook is a management consultancy and talent solutions firm, committed to ensuring that businesses have a robust management team, talent strategy and pipeline in place.
  • Our focus is on people, not profit. We nurture and foster relationships through our consultative approach and provide clients with the care and service they deserve.
  • We are motivated to drive change in the workplace by identifying, promoting and increasing the representation of diverse talent in senior leadership positions.

Why Partner With Us

  • Our consultative approach, unparalleled service, and commitment to our clients sets us apart. We deliver high quality talent solutions to address the needs of talent acquisition, assessment, development and succession.
  • Falcon Brook has an extensive and in-depth global network of industry contacts. Our long-term relationships with clients and candidates are built on trust, integrity and delivery.
  • Our consultants are experts in their sectors as many have previously been employed by the companies we serve. Our consultants know these markets and are a valuable resource.
  • Falcon Brook’s reputation is unchallenged, and this is demonstrated by our track record of successful placements and repeat business.

Our Approach

Identifying and attracting high-quality talent requires a consultative approach. We focus on long-term client partnerships, with an emphasis on open communication and advisory services. Our client testimonials reinforce this. We can offer our partners recruitment and market intelligence services across front, middle office and back office globally.

In order to recommend the right placements, we ensure that we know the business as a whole. We seek to understand the existing structure, culture, team dynamics and strengths to sell the bigger picture and not rely simply on a role profile. We assess executives’ technical abilities to be successful in certain roles.

We also make sure that we understand the human behind the job description and who the person is behind the CV. We match humans to humans. Our approach is not about tick-boxing. We aspire to create happy work environments and team cultures that inspire diversity of thought and deliver results.

Specifically, it is our consultants that set us apart. We have worked in front and middle office roles within trading houses, merchants and utilities. This industry experience, coupled with our extensive experience in search, allows us to relate to candidates and understand our clients in a unique way.


Chantel Rademeyer

Founder & CEO

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Nick Dunn

Head of Energy, Executive Search

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Charlotte Murray

Head of C-Suite & Functions

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Jason Mellors

Investments, ESG & Climate Transition

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Sara Tullis

Senior Consultant, LNG

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Aaron Thomson

Senior Consultant, Quant Tech and Data Analytics

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Roksana Grzeszczyk

Senior Consultant, Finance

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Sophie Frischknecht

Senior Consultant

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Rashmi Safo

Senior Consultant

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Penny Delve

Head of Growth

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Meenakshi Shukla

Chief Financial Officer

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Mohit Abbi

Marketing Executive

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Hazel Constantine

EA to Chantel Rademeyer

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Tom Turner

Researcher - Middle East Energy Trading

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Alexandra Goetz-Hunter

Researcher - Global Power

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Christine-Marié Louw

Head of Renewables

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