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Our consultants at Falcon Book excel in driving transformation within organisations by using an integrated approach that addresses talent, organisational design and strategy, and culture.

Talent – We help leaders use their combined experience and expertise to implement new strategic initiatives across organisations. Whether re-structuring, implementing leadership transitions, or complete team build outs, we help create high-performing, innovative executive teams that align business strategy and operating models.

Organisation design and strategy – Having the right design and strategy enables organisations to become more agile to changing market demands. Our Falcon Brook consultants understand all the components that make up organisation design. We can help develop a plan underpinned by your company’s purpose, culture and operating model.

Once your organisations design sets clearly defined roles and processes, your teams can work with more accountability. We can help you build high performing executive teams in your workplace enabling CEOs and senior executives to gain traction on their corporate strategies.

Cultural – We can help to evolve culture to enable change by addressing what hinders change and helping to develop new norms for areas such as risk taking and continuous development. Our consultants ignite the desire to think differently and encourage shifts in mindsets among leaders and teams. We work with boards and CEOs to assess their cultural health and align the culture with the company’s purpose.