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Executive Coaching

We are delighted to work in partnership with Louise Pollock, founder of Neuroconomy and the KNOWLEDGE based approach to corporate and individual development. We decided to partner with an Executive Coach and Consultant as we are passionate about our clients’ success, and we are constantly looking for new ways to support our network and help employees achieve their goals.

We appreciate her rare mix of skills and experience, particularly her rigorous scientific approach backed by her MSc in Neuroscience. This combined with her education in Economics makes her offering more impactful for clients who like to understand the science and or the numbers behind a challenge.

By partnering with Louise, we offer organisations and their Boards something truly unique. We can devise bespoke solutions for challenges like diversity and succession planning and ensure the integration and performance of new and existing senior talent are flawless.

We offer access to our Coach & Consultant, Louise Pollock, to contribute any tools, tips, or insights that help lead our clients to success.


We engage innovative coaching methods to allow participants to consider their own performance and how they can best improve outcomes for themselves and their organisations. Example areas of focus can include interpersonal skills, personal motivators, communication and management skills, confidence, limiting beliefs, decision making processes and preferred ways of operating. This programme can include the design and completion of 360-degree appraisals where appropriate.


Team – Group coaching helps participants develop personal and group awareness, understand team dynamics, focus on the implications of behaviours, commit to a common purpose and achieve goals faster.

Board – Ensure your Board members share the same vision and top three priorities. Is your Board playing to win versus playing not to lose? Board members’ time is valuable so we understand that coaching in this environment must be highly impactful and firmly focused on value creation.

Integration – Provide your new hire with important insights into how best to establish themselves within your organisation and be quickly effective in their role. We offer an integration coaching session with the successful candidate and the hiring manager.