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KEEN Energy Advisory

Falcon Brook has aligned with KEEN, Key Energy Expert Network, to provide specialised advisory solutions and work with your brand in the market. Through our partnership, KEEN senior energy executives and experts will offer insight and advice to accelerate your research and assist in decision making.

KEEN is run by Energy Executives with strong networks who have brought together a group of Experts within the Energy Industry that offer unrivalled, non-biased, honest feedback and advice.

Expert networks such as KEEN bridge an important gap between interim leadership and management consultancy. They enable businesses to quickly access a multi-disciplinary team without adding stretched workloads, redeploying personnel, or recruiting new team members.

KEEN has advisors for every level from board to analyst and offers one-to-one consultations as well as longer term advisory cooperation. Once you develop a brief on the issue to be advised on, KEEN selects the right subject matter expert with the relevant knowledge to assist.

Businesses pivoting due to climate change, the energy transition, ESG, geo-politics and automation now want to access advice for a new or emerging area. And many are seeking expert insights and analysis relating to issues such as M&A, Risk Management, Business Growth and Restructuring.

This partnership follows a year of rapid growth for Falcon Brook Search both in terms of traditional executive recruitment and for wider talent services and support, resulting from energy businesses wanting to capitalise on a fast-moving market.

By investing an hour or more with an advisor, you may gain:

  • Advice before making a key company decision
  • Insight on culture and team dynamics to allow for better decision making
  • Advice on issues related to mergers and acquisitions, team effectiveness, executive development
  • Help on writing scope of large consulting requirement
  • Insight on fine tuning future expertise needs
  • A challenge of views or perspectives
KEEN’s areas of expertise include:
  • Renewables, Natural Gas, Power, Oil 

  • Exploration and production 

  • Development and trends 

  • Policies and regulations 

  • Marketing and trading 

KEEN Partners

Jon A Larson

Mr. Larsen’s career started in Banking during 1980-1996, trading currencies in Oslo, London and  Singapore. A change from Banking to the Energy sector led to work for Statoil/ Equinor and Gazprom  Marketing and Trading in Stavanger, London and Singapore. 

Over the last 20 years Jon has held positions such as Commodity Trader, Trading Manager, Head of  Trading, Global Head of Trading, Director of Trading, Member of Executive management committee and  as a Board member. In the summer of 2018 Jon moved to Spain to work with investments, building a  real estate portfolio and being part of creating KEEN. 

Jon is highly experienced in Finance, Oil, Gas, Electricity and Emissions

Bjørn R Jacobsen

Mr. Jacobsen has 30+ years of experience from Statoil/Equinor with senior executive positions within  marketing, trading, strategy, planning and finance. From 2006 to 2013 Mr Jacobsen had the role of  senior vice president for gas marketing, with responsibility for long term sales of pipeline gas and LNG

From 2013 Mr Jacobsen served as senior vice president for European trading of natural gas and power,  and global trading of LNG. He was chairman of the Board for Naturkraft, a JV power production  company. 

After leaving Equinor in 2015, Mr Jacobsen has worked as an independent energy consultant.

Rune Bjørnson

Since joining Statoil in 1985, Mr. Bjørnson has held numerous senior management positions in Statoil’s  natural gas business. From 2004 to 2011 Mr. Bjørnson served as the executive vice president for Natural  Gas in Statoil’s executive committee, responsible for all elements of Statoil’s global natural gas value  chains. 

This responsibility included marketing, trading, sales, shipping, and processing of pipeline natural gas  and LNG from conventional resources in Europe and the Caspian region, and shale gas in the USA. From  2014 he headed up and was responsible for all Statoil’s global marketing and trading of crude oil,  natural gas, oil products, power, and emissions.