Is Incremental Change Our Common Super Power?
April 19, 2021

With diversity high on the agenda for every client we work with, we continue to look at our role in helping them to deliver against their goals throughout our work.


It highlights the fact that every day, there is the potential to make a difference, and that over time, this the cumulative force of these small changes across a whole number of areas of activity that will combine to deliver the transformation that so many businesses seek.


This is the incremental power of smaller actions to create enough critical mass to deliver major results.


It has made us reflect as a team about what we can do to make a difference.


One realisation is that while one job opportunity may not seem significant, compounded, every single job opportunity has this incremental ‘super power’.


If we approach every recruitment brief from our clients as an opportunity to support diversity and inclusion as part of delivering against business goals then over time, we will have been part of helping our clients to significantly increase diversity in their business.


Every new job opportunity then becomes a superhero moment when an organisation has the potential to bring about change.


There is not a single business that we work with that doesn’t want a more diverse and representative workforce, and especially to increase opportunities for ethnic minorities at all levels.


We had this in mind when we launched AVID – authentic vulnerable inclusion leadership – last year. This is a platform to enable organisations to rethink how they can attract, retain and develop diverse talent within their business, and to build a more inclusive culture.


Core to the platform is the idea of nurturing relationships with potential diverse talent much more deliberately and much earlier on in their careers.


We believe that we can do more to enable our clients to access diverse talent and to inject the team with fresh energy and dynamism and we are keen to open up this conversation.


The idea of 24 recommendations sounds like a lot – perhaps too much – and critics are saying even that is not enough.


A way forwards could be to focus on small practical steps that can combine to bring about real change. Potentially, incremental progress, appointment by appointment, can become our common super power, where every day we can help our clients to achieve extraordinary results.

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